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is a full service

Translation Company

based in London

providing for all kind of official, certified and notarized translations

what we do

Our team is specialized in translation and interpreting services of all types of technical and scientific texts:
from manuals to IT specifications, electronics to medicine, architecture and engineering to law,
from contracts to business presentations, commercial and marketing campaign… and more

Technical translations

We are specialized in the translation of all types of technical and scientific texts, from manuals to information technology, electronics to medicine, architecture to law, from contracts to business marketing… and much, much more!

Sworn and certified translations

Sworn Official and certified translations are carried out for any type of certificate or document that needs to be declared under oath, by a translator at the presence of a Notary Public.

Legal translations

MMW Europe delivers certified translations with a certificate of authenticity, that is to say an affidavit issued by the official translator, on corporate headed paper. Affidavit may be officialised at a later time before a Notary Public or a Solicitor by way of ensuring that a translated document is effectively legal for both domestic and overseas use.

Foreign document authentication

Authentication has the nature of an act of certification; it certifies the authentication of the signature on a document and qualification of the person signing such and does not certify the validity of the document itself or that of the deed contained in the document.

the highest level of quality in translating

MMW Europe offers a series of competitive advantages among their linguistic services

years experience


Days per year


why we are different

Thanks to a network of more than 20,000 professional mother-tongue translators, who are carefully selected and accredited by leading language institutions from every corner of the globe, MMW Europe Ltd has instant access to the world’s largest database of language service professionals in partnership with its Italian Company MMW S.r.l.

Apply for italian citizenship

If you are going to apply for Italian citizenship and need professional support, our staff is at your disposal to provide advice regarding the papers that need to be submitted to the local Authorities and to provide official translation of your documents into Italian.

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