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MMW Europe Ltd is Your Gateway to Expert Translations in London

We specialise in making your words count. Based in the heart of London, we are your go-to experts for official, certified, and notarized translations. Our team passionately delves into the world of legal documents and contracts, ensuring every clause and comma is translated with precision.

But our expertise doesn’t stop there. We’re also well-versed in a variety of fields – from the intricacies of finance to the nuances of healthcare, from the evolving landscape of technology to the academic realm. Whether you need a medical report translated, a technical manual localised, or an architectural plan interpreted, we’ve got you covered.

Our aim is simple: to provide translations that speak to your audience, whether it’s for a crucial legal document, a groundbreaking tech specification, or an engaging marketing campaign. At MMW Europe Ltd, we’re more than just translators; we’re your linguistic partners, dedicated to bridging communication gaps across industries with a human touch.

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Encompassing a robust network of over 10,000 certified translators, acknowledged by premier global linguistic authorities, we deliver unparalleled quality across 180 languages, ensuring excellence every day of the year


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MMW Europe Ltd extends far beyond conventional translation services, offering a wide array of solutions for technical and legal document handling into 180 different languaes. Our team is proficient in a wide range of translation and interpreting services, particularly in the domain of official and certified documentation, and crucial documents across various industries, such as:

Legal and Judiciary Documents

  • Commercial contracts and court deeds
  • Judicial acts and court documents, including legal briefs, court rulings, motions, and legal pleadings to be used in court proceedings
  • Arbitration documents
  • Intellectual property documents

Business and Financial Documents

  • Business documents
  • Financial statements
  • Patents and annual reports
  • Corporate governance documents
  • Mergers and acquisitions documents

Academic and Official Records

  • Academic documents and Declaration of Value
  • Diplomas and transcripts
  • Vital records and official certificates, such as birth, marriage, death, divorce, and criminal records for visa purposes
  • Immigration documents

Technical and Professional Materials

  • Manuals and medical reports
  • Architectural and engineering specifications
  • Technical company presentations
  • Scientific research papers
  • Environmental impact assessments

Government and Public Sector

  • Policy documents
  • International treaties and agreements
  • Public service announcements

Marketing and Communications

  • Commercial and marketing campaigns
  • Public relations materials
  • Product descriptions and catalogs
  • Website localisation and transcreation

Healthcare and Medical Documents

  • Clinical trial documents
  • Patient information leaflets
  • Pharmaceutical documentation
  • Medical device manuals

Entertainment and Media

  • Film scripts and subtitles
  • Music lyrics translation
  • Video game localisation
  • Media releases

Tourism and Hospitality

  • Travel guides
  • Brochures and promotional materials
  • Menu translations

Diverse Document Service

  • E-commerce platform content
  • User manuals for various products
  • Personal letters and correspondence
  • Historical texts and manuscripts
  • And a wide array of other specialised documents

MMW Europe extends beyond conventional translation services, offering a wide array of solutions for technical and legal document handling. Our team is proficient in a wide range of translation and interpreting services, particularly in the domain of official and certified documentation, and crucial documents across various industries.

Ashley McDougall
Ashley McDougall
27 January 2024
Attempting to navigate the path to professional license recognition in Italy can be daunting. With Michela’s help and informative consultation I now have a clearer understanding of the path including timelines, documents and qualifications necessary to proceed with my application. I would recommend Michela to anyone seeking who is considering working in one of the many regulated professions in Italy!
Cherif Bousselham
Cherif Bousselham
18 December 2023
1. Knowledge of the processes 2. Attention to details 3. Unlimited availability I am extremely happy to have worked with MMW EUROPE and highly recommend their professional services.
Open Oceans Group
Open Oceans Group
11 December 2023
MMW Europe, and in particular Michela, has been an invaluable partner for our translation needs. Michela's reliability, strong work ethic, and proficiency consistently deliver high-quality results. We're delighted to recommend this company to our partners and clients, and we're highly satisfied with the established collaboration!
Lucrezia Berretta
Lucrezia Berretta
11 December 2023
Amazing service I highly recommend. Having completed my studies at King's College London and planning to return to Italy, I had no idea that my degree was not recognised in the Italian legal system and that I needed to obtain a declaration of value from the Italian Consulate to present it to the academic and ministerial authorities in Italy. Luckily, I turned to MMW Europe and Michela provided me with specific advice on this intricate procedure, explaining the need to have my qualifications authenticated by an English Notary, Apostilled, and to carry out sworn translations. They also provided me with targeted legal advice on my case, outlining all the opportunities for recognition of my degree in Italy and the potential job prospects in the public sector. Now I have a clear understanding and know that I can rely on them to get my educational qualifications recognised in my home Country.
maria araujo
maria araujo
11 December 2023
Exceptionally professional, efficient, and sophisticated! My experience with MMW EUROPE's services surpassed all expectations, leaving me thoroughly satisfied and genuinely impressed with the outstanding results. Michela, in particular, exemplifies an unwavering commitment to professionalism, showcasing a remarkable work ethic that sets her apart as one of the most reliable individuals in the industry. Her dedication to excellence is truly commendable. I am not only a delighted client but have also confidently recommended Michela and the entire company to my associates. The feedback from my referrals echoes my sentiment, as they too have experienced the same high level of satisfaction with the services provided. MMW EUROPE and Michela have undoubtedly earned my trust and loyalty through their consistently efficient performance.
direccion etiprem
direccion etiprem
15 November 2023
Me and my family used MMW Europe Certified Official Translations specifically with MICHELA de Julio and had the most spectacular and amazing experience with her and her service. After 4 years of waiting on an embassy she helped us finish our whole citizenship and passport process in 6 months. 10 / 10 for service with Michela, she always replies quickly, answers emails, whatsapps everything. could not recommend a better company for any type of service they offer.
Felix Rodriguez
Felix Rodriguez
10 November 2023
My experience with MMW EUROPE LTD was very satisfactory. They have happily responded all my questions and doubts and delivered the documents I needed to get translated in a matter of a few hours. I highly recommend their services, especially for urgent translations!
luca monti
luca monti
27 September 2023
Even if our issue was about CAS, the team and Michela were great in trying to give us advice…and at last, we got it
Andrew Hicks
Andrew Hicks
8 September 2023
I highly recommend the services of this company. The have help me immensely, even going out of their way to meet me on a bank holiday to hand over some important paperwork.
Silvia Olita
Silvia Olita
16 May 2023
Very happy to meet them in this difficult, really difficult process. We started with the translation of the documents but i felt safe in their hands after talking with them. So i decided to let them the whole citizenship process. Now we are waiting just the italian government to make my husband italian . Thank you