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Professional translations

What a professional translation stands for?

Many people mistakenly believe that the ability to speak a language well is a tool, which can be used to produce an accurate, professional translation that might be needed quickly for internal company use, leaving no time to contact a suitable outsourcer, like a dedicated translation agency.
Without a shadow of doubt, in most cases, the result can be disastrous and counter-productive, wasting both time and money, if the volunteer linguist who attempted the translation does not have the required techniques and skills, the specific terminology or vocabulary in the source and target languages, and does not know the processes involved in producing a translated document. This explains why, for professional translators, the knowledge of a foreign language is only the foundation of their skills.

Translating a text does not just mean putting one word next to another in a different language: it means combining ideas with content, words with stories, and images with different cultures in a complex, intricate process that often requires an interaction of multiple factors which are all considered with meticulous care, dedication and a constant focus on the text. Not only that: even the best professional translator cannot acquire specific technical, terminological knowledge of every single sector. This is why we entrust our clients’ translations to expert translators with skills and training in specific areas, not only those with knowledge of two or more language pairs.
Our translators, who are all native speakers and graduates with at least 15 years’ certified experience, offer services according to the international standard ISO 17100:2015, which establishes the requirements for the main processes, resources and other factors needed to deliver a quality translation that meets the client’s specifications. Our system also guarantees compliance with the standards used in translation and interpreting, so that the applicable technical and procedural specifications are always met. This requires the use of three roles: a translator with expertise in the relevant area and required language pair, a reviewer who will carry out the first revision of the text against the source document, and a proofreader, who will then optimise the text quality so that the recipient has the impression that the document was written directly in his or her own native tongue, and is not a translation.
Our method and experience have made us a landmark in our market. The availability of secure archives, in which we save and store all clients’ documentation, guarantees the confidentiality that is essential in this industry.
Our strength is quality. This explains why approximately 60% of our clients contact us first when they need a review or revision of translations done by an expert translator, or simply when they need to have a crucial translation completed in record time.

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