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Welcome to our official blog, where the precision of law meets the art of language.
Our blog serves as a crafted platform tailored for professionals, linguists, legal experts, and translation enthusiasts who seek to understand the complex interplay between diverse languages and complex legal systems.

Michela de Julio enriches each article with her vast expertise, covering areas such as legal translation, AI advancements, linguistic industry news, translation technology, language services, and emerging trends. Discover the latest insights into the nuances of linguistics, current legal topics and global translation strategies. Additionally, we offer thorough analyses of legal issues in Italian, English, and international law, with a special focus on the recognition of academic degrees—”equipollenza titoli di studio.” Our content extends beyond these areas, delving into a broad array of related topics, to provide our readers with a well-rounded examination of the legal domain.

Become part of our community where each language is heard and every word is crucial.


The Mandatory Requirement of Italian Language Proficiency for Professional Qualification Recognition in Italy Why Mastering Italian is More Than Just a Language Skill – It’s a Professional Necessity. The Legal Imperative of Italian Proficiency for Professional Recognition in Italy Explained

In Italy's dynamic professional environment, proficiency in the Italian language transcends being a mere skill – it is a crucial legal requirement deeply ingrained in the professional recognition process. This necessity reflects the country's commitment to ensuring...

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