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Translations for the legal sector

MMW translations was established in Rome in 1996 and opened its UK Company MMW Europe Ltd. in 2014 to provide legal translation and interpreting services for law firms, solicitors and legal professionals as well as private clients and a wide range of organisations operating in the legal, business and financial sectors. Our Company translates legal documents for corporate clients who are based in the United Kingdom as well international law firms based overseas, including Fendi, Mediaset, Fininvest, Huawei, IBM, Telecom Italia, Open Fiber, Twentieth Century Fox, Biomerieux and others, not to mention leading Law and Notary Firms in Italy and elsewhere.

We offer professional legal translation services in more than 180 different languages using professional native speakers with qualifications and experience in legal matters, most of whom are former lawyers or have previously worked in courts.

All of our translations are legally certified, confidential and officially recognised in law courts, law institutions, and government bodies. Additionally, we are fully aware of just how important confidentiality and privacy really are when it comes to translating and certifying documents, and therefore we are more than happy to protect our customers’ material with a non-disclosure agreement.

All our translators are experts in their fields, with a minimum of 20 years’ experience, and only translate into their native language.

We undertake to provide a bespoke, confidential, expert and accurate service beyond your expectations.

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