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Transcriptions of tapes


Tape Legal and Certified Transcriptions

Any type of transcription made from an audio or video digital support can be sworn and certified by an official professional before a Notary Public or a Solicitor. Recordings of conference proceedings and press conferences, television or radio broadcasts, telephone wiretaps, declarations, video clips or any other material that needs to acquire official status and legal validity can be certified even if transcribed only in one language and without translation, through a special report of “transcription certification”, duly signed by the professional transcriptionist and on Company head paper. The certified transcription may be produced in any civil or criminal hearing or in any judicial proceedings in which it is requested. Request for transcript of judgments must be approved by the judge prior to distribution and must be
certified to that effect. Our team of professional transcriptionists is perfectly trained to manage all confidential information contained in the digital supports provided by our clients, being bound by non-disclosure agreements.


We are able to transcribe content in any language supplied on analogical media (VHS, audio cassette) or digital media (CD, mp3, wav, avi, DVD), taken from documentaries, movies, short films, acts of conferences or conventions, and interviews.

Transcription of recorded magnetic tapes

MMW Europe has a multilingual team of typists who are particularly skilled in the transcription of recorded magnetic tapes, from DVDs or CDs, or from any other digital support, with very fast service.

Linguistic adaptions

Thanks to the help of qualified personnel, any kind of text can be linguistically adapted, in addition to localizing it in any language. Professional speakers and valuable partners in the audiovisual field are available to our clients for vocalization and dubbing services.

DVD reproduction

Our team allows you to quickly reproduce your foreign language DVDs for the foreign market, including with the insertion of subtitles.