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A safe bridge to BREXIT for official translations

More than being considered an issue, Brexit should be looked upon as an opportunity for Businesses in all industrial sectors. In this scenario of uncertainty, many companies are planning to move their branch offices abroad to non-English speaking countries, such as Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Portugal and Greece and their need to translate official documents will soon become urgent.
This is why they must be able to count on a localising partner they can rely on to translate all corporate documents such as memorandums and articles of association, financial statements, company briefs and presentations, certificates of incorporation and other official documents that will grant them a passport to move their branch offices to a foreign country.
Brexit could turn out to be a catalyst in opening up economic challenges throughout Europe; as a matter of fact, many companies are on their way to building premises to localise and customise products and services for alternative markets and this particular trend is also spreading among individuals: numerous Europeans living in the UK have decided to return to their countries of origin further to Brexit due to the uncertainty still surrounding negotiations to leave Europe. To the contrary, a lot of Italians have actually decided to officialise their residence in the UK by subscribing to the AIRE (Register of Italians resident abroad) and the Italian Consulate in London has been inundated with applications over the last year. The number of Italians officially living in the UK exceeded 280 thousand in 2016, increasing by around 30 thousand above all in the second half of the year. While on the one hand, Brexit has discouraged businesses and foreign citizens to stay in the UK, on the other hand, a lot of courageous people have decided to move there in view of the economic change this process will bring about as they feel they can take advantage of new opportunities that will arise.
One of the certainties in this period of insecurity is that the number of certified translations by official translators has peaked considerably: so many citizens from various European countries living in the UK have asked for translations of documents such as educational qualifications, criminal records and wedding certificates in order to officialise their residency, apply for citizenship in another country or commence family reunification procedures.
If you need to move to the UK or think you should leave this country to live elsewhere, our team of official translators is here to help you get a certified or notarized translation of any document you require from English into another language or vice-versa, for example:

  • registry certificates (birth, death, residency, family status, wedding, divorce)
  • immigration documents (permit of stay, visa)
  • personal documents (passport, ID card, driving licence)
  • educational qualifications (high school and university certificates, transcripts of exams taken, school reports, vocational school diplomas, professional qualifications (registration with vocational associations, good standing, practising licences)
  • other qualifications (equivalent to educational qualification, statements of equivalence for educational qualifications taken abroad, relations with Ministries for acknowledgement of qualifications)
  • legal documents (powers of attorney, notary deeds, agreements, wills, inheritance, ownership documents)
  • tax documents (income statements, bank references, commercial documents)
  • corporate documents (financial statements, chamber of commerce reports, VAT returns, deeds of incorporation, corporate bylaws)
  • medical documents (medical certificates for illnesses, certificates to carry medicines, hospital records, hospital doctor reports, vaccination certificates)
  • automobile documents (car registration, accident report forms, vehicle registration document, car ownership certificate)

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