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Recognition of Academic Titles Advice

Consultancy for the Recognition of Academic Titles and Foreign Professional Qualifications

MMW offers personalised legal consultancy for the recognition of foreign academic qualifications and professional credentials in Italy. This exclusive service is provided via videoconference on Teams or WhatsApp by Michela de Julio, a legal consultant specialised in Italian Administrative Law applied to the recognition of academic qualifications. With over twenty years of experience in the field, Michela has an in-depth understanding of the mechanisms necessary to navigate confidently through the complexities of the Italian system, offering invaluable support to those aiming to overcome bureaucratic challenges for the recognition of their academic or professional qualifications obtained abroad.

Our finely tuned service aims to guide clients through every phase of the process, facilitating the submission of crucial documentation such as the Declaration of Value and the CIMEA comparability certificate, cornerstones for the validation of qualifications at Italian institutions.

With a solid experience in supporting numerous clients in the recognition process of foreign academic qualifications and professional credentials, MMW Europe, also in collaboration with the Italian-based company MMW Traduzioni, is perfectly equipped with all the necessary tools to address and simplify the complexity of this highly complex process. The recognition procedure in Italy interacts with a wide variety of entities and institutions, often rendering a DIY approach futile. Therefore, the experience and expertise of a seasoned professional are essential to ensure the successful outcome of the application.

Our years of experience testify to the effectiveness with which MMW has assisted clients in navigating the recognition procedures for qualifications obtained abroad, offering comprehensive and personalized support. We recognize that navigating this path can seem daunting, which is why we commit to providing exhaustive and targeted consultancy, considering each case’s specificities. With MMW, piecing together this complex puzzle becomes a clear and manageable process, avoiding the pitfalls and disappointments of a journey undertaken alone. Choosing MMW means relying on a professional and specialized partner, capable of guiding clients safely towards success in the recognition of their academic qualifications and professional credentials, both in Italy and abroad.

If you are a professional seeking to obtain recognition for your professional qualification, acquired in your home country or a third country, to gain authorization to practice a regulated profession in Italy, or a student who has obtained a degree abroad, contact us at Our expert will be available to guide you in preparing the necessary documentation and in the process of submitting your application, ensuring you qualified support at every stage of the process. The consultancy aims to illustrate the procedure suited to your needs, indicating the documentation to produce and the preparation methods, which include authenticated copies of the necessary documents, legalizations, and sworn translations.

If you are an Italian, European, or international student, or a professional in need of assistance for the recognition of your academic degree or professional qualification in the United Kingdom, Italy, or another country, we are here to help. Our services include preparation and official translation of necessary documents, as well as guidance on the appropriate pathway to follow for qualification recognition. This support is made possible through collaboration with specialists in recognition processes and lawyers based in both England and Italy.

We understand the challenges that can arise in navigating the complex landscape of qualification recognition across different countries. Our team is dedicated to providing you with comprehensive support, ensuring that your qualifications are recognized according to the relevant national standards. Whether your aim is further study, professional practice, or a combination of both in a new country, our expertise and network of professionals are at your disposal to facilitate a smooth transition and successful recognition process.