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Translating legal deeds

Having focussed on legal translations for all possible industries over the last 20 years, we have processed all kinds of legal matters, such as but not limited to, court documents for local and international disputes, litigation and private arbitration.
These legal documents not only entailed covering requests from the corporate sector but also involved issues relating to family law, such as divorce and child custody proceedings, international child adoption, family immigration and asylum request issues, as well as citizenship applications. We also regularly deal with property and real estate legal issues and have a solid expertise in translating trust, will, inheritance and succession deeds which often require a notarial deed and a legalisation from the competent Authorities to become official.

We have been supporting students to get their diplomas recognised abroad or in their country of origin on a daily basis, complying with local Authorities’ regulations and providing them not only with sworn translations but also with authentication process, notarial services and declaration of values from the territorial diplomatic and consular representative.

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