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The founder – Michela de Julio

Doctor of Law and Doctor of Modern Languages (English and Spanish), for the last 33 years she has run and, translating over 25 ml words throughout her career for numerous public and private companies and leading law firms in Italy and the UK. She provides official, sworn and notarized translation services in various languages and is an Official translator with the General Italian Consulate in London. As Legal Counsel, she provides technical legal advice and assistance on Italian citizenship applications and recognition of academic titles and qualifications abroad and in Italy. As a technical linguist, she has processed all kinds of legal matters, such as but not limited to, court documents for local and international disputes, litigation and private arbitration. MMW Translation is a bespoken brand in the Italian and the UK translation industry and was one of the first internet startup companies in the linguistic sector to be incorporated into the Italian market at the beginning of the digital era and e-commerce.

In 1997 she was awarded the title of Excellent Women Entrepreneur by The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) in recognition of the contribution made by women entrepreneurs to the economic development and social progress of their countries.

In 2014 she founded MMW EUROPE Ltd in London, offering high-quality translations in over 180 languages to support businesses and individuals in every industry in their negotiations and commercial and legal dealings with foreign countries.

Actively collaborating as an official translator and interpreter (translating over 25 ml words throughout her career for numerous public and private companies and leading law firms in Italy and the UK), as well as at Rome Law Court as an Official translator, she is also registered with the Rome Chamber of Commerce List of Court Experts.

She has also been conferred the membership as Qualified Translator by the Institute of Translation and Interpreting in England. She is a Qualified translator MCIL – Chartered Institute of Linguists, with registration no. 53318 and an Official Translator of the General Italian Consulate in London. In 2002 she was enrolled in the Italian Journalist Register and has collaborated as journalist for the financial supplement of “La Repubblica”, a leading Italian newspaper, “Affari & Finanza” since 1998. She has published over 500 press articles, actively covering the New Economy field and concentrating on business strategies and the economic and financial aspects of Businesses in the ICT Industry.

Furthermore, she has been involved in painstaking work on the scientific pages of “Affari & Finanza”, mainly through articles concerning essential discoveries by leading Pharmaceutical Companies. Numerous press trips have led to interviews with top CEOS and Managers from prestigious multinational businesses operating in various sectors.

As journalist and Editor, she has translated many press releases for various Communication and Press Companies.

She has also continuously worked for the Rome Law Court as official translator for 33 years, carrying out sworn translations and translating texts of every kind.

In the past, she translated and localised various cultural and art websites. She cooperated with Planeta Actimedia, main Spanish publishing company, writing the biography of Salvador Dalì and translating some publishing projects from Spanish into Italian.

She has collaborated with the Cuban Embassy in Rome and served as interpreter during official visits of Cuban Ministers to Rome. She has translated the book about the historic trip of Pope John Paul II to Cuba, “Cuba Querida”.

She has a distinct flair for management and business and has built up significant expertise in administrative law over the years. She graduated with a Bachelor and Master Degree from the Italian University La Sapienza, in Spanish and English language and literature, discussing a dissertation on contemporary Spanish Poetry, and also speaks fluent French. She graduated in Law, with a Bachelor and Master Degree with a dissertation on the administrative procedure for recognition of academic and professional titles in Italy and abroad. She is currently based in London, working full time for MMW Europe Ltd, as professional translator and Managing Director. She is a single mum of two 19-year-old twin sons.

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