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The founder – Michela de Julio

This is Michela de Julio, Managing Director of MMW Europe Translations, with a career dedicated to bridging language and legal barriers. My journey began over 33 years ago, encompassing a diverse range of roles and achievements in the field of translation and legal services. As a professional, I have navigated thousands of sworn and certified translations, significantly aiding Italian citizenship applications and academic and professional title recognitions for a myriad of clients.
I have extensive competence in Italian administrative law, on the recognition of academic titles and professional qualifications, commonly referred to as ‘Equipollenza titoli’. I assist clients with immigration matters, providing guidance on Italian citizenship and supporting individuals relocating abroad for educational or professional reasons, as well as those returning to Italy after their studies or work experiences overseas.
My expertise is grounded in my role as an Official Translator for the General Italian Consulate in London and as an Expert Translator for the Judge of the Court of Rome C.T.U. These positions have allowed me to offer authoritative linguistic proficiency, particularly in legal and official document translations.
Educationally, I am equipped with a Doctor of Law (J.D.) degree, alongside Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Modern Languages and Literature from the esteemed Sapienza Università di Roma. My academic journey also includes a certificate in modern languages from UC Berkeley. Languages are a passion and a profession for me, with fluency in Italian, English, and Spanish.
Professionally, I am a member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (MITI) and the Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL), which reflects my commitment to maintaining high standards in translation and interpreting services. Currently, I am pursuing Solicitor qualifications in the UK, complementing my practice as an Italian lawyer. This journey towards Solicitor qualification reflects my dedication to expanding my legal expertise and offering comprehensive services to my clients.
My role extends beyond translation and legal services. I have also been involved in journalism, collaborating with “La Repubblica” and being enrolled with the Italian Journalist Register and the International Press since 2002. This experience has enriched my understanding of language and communication in diverse contexts.
My affiliations with MITI and CIOL, along with registrations with the Rome Law Court and the Rome Chamber of Commerce, further cement my professional standing.

picture of Michela de Julio