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Thanks to a network of more than 20,000 professional mother-tongue translators, who are carefully selected and accredited by leading language institutions from every corner of the globe, MMW Europe Ltd has instant access to the world’s largest database of language service professionals in partnership with its Italian Company MMW S.r.l. With more than 20 million words translated during its 22 years in the industry, MMW Europe Ltd is proud to be part of an intercultural revolution in the language services market which is expected to register a CAGR of 5.3% during the forecast period (2021 – 2026), taking into consideration the primary factors that are driving the demand for language services to include the rapidly increasing globalisation among the businesses, the incremental rise of digitising content, and the increase in customer service that’s becoming more personalised and international.
There is a simple reason for this massive growth in the language services economy: knowledge of a foreign language is not enough to be a good translator. Our job requires specific training that demands not in-depth knowledge of at least one language pair as well as other aspects that are essential when delivering a high-quality translation that fits the brief, such as a degree in translation and a specialized technical background built up through years of study and experience in the field. Learning a second language is only the first phase of the process of becoming a professional translator – it is by no means an end in itself.
This explains why our attitude is based on a non-industrial, tailor-made approach, to make sure that the quality of our services always exceeds the market standard.

MMW Europe Ltd
The growing need for Italian businesses and professionals to relocate resources and services on the highly-competitive UK market has led to MMW opening a new translation office in the heart of London, Mayfair, to thereby follow and support its clients in their new business
initiatives. Driven by its reputation in the field of language services, MMW Europe Ltd has established a branch in One Mayfair Place, London, joining a team of professionals comprising a Notary Public, lawyers and tax consultants to provide a full range of advisory services and thereby help clients with any needs of a bureaucratic or legal nature in relations between Italian and UK businesses. Our London office can offer on-site translation and interpreting services for any language combination through native-speaking professionals based in the UK from the network of linguists in the MMW database. Thanks to the more streamlined bureaucracy in the UK, sworn translations,
Notary Certifications and Legalisations with Apostille are carried out directly in the office and therefore much more rapidly.
In order to guarantee the highest possible standards, MMW recently renewed its quality certificates, necessitating strict compliance
with the requirements laid down for accurate and consistent translations and careful verification of all stages in the translation process.