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Why choose us?

MMW Europe offers a series of competitive advantages among their linguistic services, including:

  • constant availability and willingness to serve our clients: we provide an instant translation service, online and offline, 24 hours a day, every day of the year including public holidays and during non-working hours;
  • an accurate and efficient text revision service: after the text has been translated it is thoroughly reviewed by an internal and external team in order to prevent errors or oversights;
  • fast turn-around times and urgent delivery service around the clock;
  • free consultancy service for any translation needs over the phone or directly through live chat;
  • transparency: the vast majority of our professional translators are available on demand, and we offer our clients the possibility of speaking to the translator in person if they need to discuss issues related to the content of the text;
  • a detailed study of terminology, in order to respect our client’s stylistic and formal standards. Very often, translators do not have a purely linguistic background but are specialised in a specific area. Our team includes lawyers, economists, civil engineers, electricians, IT experts, doctors, psychologists, petrochemical, chemical and pharmaceutical consultants and many other professionals who have chosen to dedicate their technical know-how to the translation profession.

In addition to all this, on request, we can obtain certification of a translation in the client’s own language, with an official report confirming that the translation is an authentic reproduction of the original text.

A translation can be officially certified in court if in Italy or by a Notary Public if in The United Kingdom, in order to give the translation binding legal value for national or international use. In Italy, a sworn certified translation can only be obtained by an official translator listed on the Court Register, or on the board of experts and consultants used by the Chamber of Commerce. In the UK an official translation can be carried out in the presence of a Notary Public or a Solicitor.

We also offer a legalisation service for official documents, through the relevant authorities including the Legalisation Office in London (for documents to be used abroad) and the Public Prosecutor’s Office or the Prefecture, or the Chambers of Commerce in Italy (for all documents that are to be used in Italy)

Our experts can offer specific advice on immigration, emigration, and import/export procedures, in order to comply with the requirements for Consular legalisation. We can also help in mediation with embassies and foreign consulates in Italy.